Edge of the Woods makes lively original theatre performances for audiences of many ages and abilities. We make work that moves: performances that are highly physical, that have the capacity to tour to different communities, and that move audiences (literally!). Our shows have been seen across Canada and internationally, and we continue to present our work to friends, both newfound and existing.


Toronto Sun

This hugely talented trio couldn’t have more fun with a glass of water if they mixed it with the finest scotch.”

- Franco Boni, Artistic Director

The Theatre Centre, Toronto

This show is a funny, smart and timely piece of theatre. Everyone should see it

Melissa Farmer

Theatre Isn’t Dead

“It’s whimsical and charming and smart and you need to see it, and then recommend it to your parents and your friends and their friends, because they’ll love it, too”

James Ryan Gobuty

The Theatre Reader

This is the kind of play that never stops tugging at your heart strings – the kind that makes you laugh then cry and then laugh again

Christopher Hoile

Stage Door Reviews

This is physical theatre at its finest integrating movement, dance, acrobatics and relying on minimal use of dialogue.”

Globe and Mail

Serra’s wide-eyed performance is adorable in the extreme, tempered by moments of poignancy, while Watson is most entertaining to watch...

Gian Verano

Moony On Theatre

In a world where true love is often so hard to come by, Ralph + Lina helps remind us of what true love ought to be: simple, honest and unwavering.