Artistic collaboration brings communities together.

Edge of the Woods is committed to providing the opportunity, tools and support for community members to create artistic works that share their talents, imagination and perspectives. Since 2009, Edge of the Woods has facilitated arts education, professional workshops and community-engaged arts projects. These projects have encouraged hundreds of youth, seniors and women to share their voices through art making and storytelling.


connects community members through artistic projects and provides them with the opportunity, tools and support to create and perform their own theatrical work. Its activities involve arts education, professional workshops and community arts projects.


The House the Captain Built

<h1>The House the Captain Built</h1>
The very creative learning and communication method through theatre, dance, movement, shadow puppets and more all contributed to a unique and memorable learning experience for the participating youth.
I felt like people in the community cared about hearing my story...a little history, maybe they learned something from an old folk like myself.