Life and Death of Tom Thomson, an art installation at Nuit Blanche North
Life and Death of Tom Thomson
May 17, 2015
Image of Stephen Harper and Barack Obama from The Little G8 That Could – live action documentary about the legacy of the 2010 G8 Summit in Huntsville, Muskoka, Ontario
Little G8
May 17, 2015

Splash H2O

SplasH20 is an original creation composed of 10 short visual and comic sketches played by 3 actors using a bare stage and a minimum of props. For our proposal to the Cooking Fire Theatre Festival, we proposed presenting four of these scenes that we believe will work well in the outdoor context of the festival.

Each scene explores the many facets of water in our lives, both its poetry and folly, using many different styles such as clown, silent film, slapstick and the absurd.
The piece was originally created in 2005 by Dan Watson, Etienne Bayart and Mathieu Chouinard (all graduates of Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris), and presented by Compagnie Houppz!.
“The Franco-Canadian Houppz Collective deserves a 4-LOL (laugh-out-loud) rating for SplasH2O, which sets the gold standard for physical comedy… a series of ingenious skits on the theme of water. The actors mime, sing, dance, joke, swim and gargle their way through 60 minutes of pure fun… Highly recommended.”
-Toronto Star

4/5 Stars “A trio of clowns makes creative use of water, sound effects and acrobatics in this light, playful production. The series of original sketches moves quickly, building to an entertaining finale.”
-Now Magazine

“This hugely talented trio couldn’t have more fun with a glass of water if they mixed it with the finest scotch.”
-Toronto Sun

“SplasH2O is comedy at its simplest and at its best.”
-The Georgia Straight, Vancouver

5/5 Stars “If you only go to one thing at this year’s fringe it should be SplasH2O.”
-See Magazine, Edmonton

4/5 Stars “Totally preoccupied with the wonders and whimsical possibilities of H20, the trio of Compagnie Houppz! puts on a richly varied show that makes a splash somewhere between grand et plus grand.”
-Edmonton Journal