Dan Watson, Etienne Bayart and Mathieu Chouinard in Splash H2O, live theatre comic sketches about water
Splash H2O
May 17, 2015
The House the Captain Built, a collaborative performance with Edge of the Woods Theatre, and local youth and seniors
The House the Captain Built
May 21, 2015

Little G8

Huntsville is an amazing place. Really. You may think it’s just small town folk and million dollar cottages, but it’s more than that. Now that we had the G8, it’s much more than that. You really should come over for a visit and see what we’ve done with the place.

The Little G8 That Could is a live-action documentary about the legacy of the 2010 G8 hosted in Huntsville. Documentary footage and live performance collide in this 20-minute tale of a small town that was asked to host the world. Grab a beer and a seat by the fake lake as we take a stroll down memory lane, and a hard look at things to come.
Written and Performed by Dan Watson

Video and Projections by Kathryn Heming, Andrew Sheppard and Levi Verzyden

Lighting Design by Rebecca Picherack

Makeup by Lisa Quail

With Video footage by Brenda Darling

Part of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre’s 33rd Rhubarb Festival and at the Aki Studio in Toronto in conjunction with Praxis Theatre’s “You Should Have Stayed Home”.