Edge of the Woods Theatre and MABELLEarts collaborative mobile art project featuring women and girls
After the End
August 10, 2011
Seniors’ Yarn Bombing Project, street art created by local Muskoka seniors and Edge of the Woods Theatre
Seniors Yarn Bomb
May 10, 2015


In January of 2011, we presented Listen: An exhibition of sound and image inspired by the stories of Muskoka’s community elders. This was a two week exhibition at the Art Space in Huntsville that featured photography, live recordings and radio plays created and inspired by seniors and youth in the community. The exhibit featured photographs of seniors coupled with recordings of their stories. Visitors listened to these recordings with i-pods while they enjoyed the photography. Coupled with this, an hour long radio play was broadcast twice on Hunters Bay Radio: a local internet radio station. This year long project involved over 200 seniors, 60 youth, and many others from the community.