In 2014, we teamed with up with MABELLEarts to create After the End: a collaborative project with women and girls in the Muskoka Region. In partnership with YWCA Muskoka and Huntsville Festival for the Arts we collaborated with over 100 women and girls in shelters, family resource centres and women’s support groups. Together, we worked to transform a traveling camper trailer into a mobile art studio and a vehicle (heehee) for story collecting and sharing. In our last few days, we were joined by Juliet Palmer and Christine Duncan of Urbanvessel who transformed stories gathered into a soundscape of radio broadcasts and live performance. For the night of Nuit Blanche North, we parked the trailer on the banks of the Muskoka River in Huntsville and, together with the women and families from the many organizations we had visited, created a new society (for one night only), full of sounds and sights from over a month of creative collaboration